April 29, 2012

Under Pressure

Under Pressure. David Hayes, 2012
i365 project, 119/365. (iColorama)

So you pick up a new app...and you wanna try it out...see what it does...make sure that you've not spent your money wrongly...although this was "free" when I picked it up....so I did. Wasn't overly impressed until I found the "Escher" filter....

Started with a  snap of a pressure gauge that I captured using my iPhone camera app...
Opened this in iColorama and after many try-outs settled on this combination:
Tone: Bleach
Style: Flated
Effects: Sharpened Gradient
Adjust: Vibrance, Saturate
Form: Escher
With adjustments for Intensity & Feature in each step!

Not bad for a first try! I'll use this app again!!


Lisa Graham Art said...

Like a conch shell...now I am ready for the beach!

Jo Murray said...

Fabulous image!! Love the colour.

Wyn Vogel said...

Fantastic - David - gives that feel - love the colour and imagery as usual!!

Carol said...

Love it! My favorite colours, one of my favorite shapes - the spiral, and a new app. Priceless!

Bill said...

Hmm. It looks like the Mad Hatter might have been here.