April 11, 2012


Sunflowers. David Hayes, 2012.
i365 project, 101/365. (Paper Camera, Instagram)

Some of you might remember this one from a couple of days ago....I first posted this on Instagram...and from there...Flickr, Twitter, and Tumblr. I wasn't going to make this image part of my i365 series...but decided later to do so....in any case, here's it's recipe. Enjoy!


I took the initial snap with the Paper Camera app...set on "Comic Boom"
Later...I decided to put it out on Instagram...and used the "Amaro" filter.
Simple as that!
Don't just love it when it's easy...


Lisa Graham Art said...

It looks like the wind is blowing and the colors are so so warm. Now I can pretend the sun is out today.

This is great!

Carol said...

Lovely warm colours, and a very cool photo. Good one, Dave.

Wyn Vogel said...

OMG - these are gorgeous Dave and love the composition and colour it just reflects the indulgence of these flowers when they are in full bloom!!

I just think this evokes such wonderful feelings of countryside and life!!