April 14, 2012

Still Life No. 2

Still Life #2. David Hayes, 2012

i365 project, 104/365. (FX Photo Studio, iWatermark)

This is the same still life set-up used in yesterday's "Live" posting...in fact it's the same base photo! Just a different treatment provided by FX Photo Studio....

1. Cropped and adjusted for brightness and gamma.
2. Sonoma filter
3. Vintage filter
4. Art Frame 14
I used this app to "scan" my signature...and then inserted into the photo to give it more of a "painterly look"!
Saved and exhibited....


Gail P said...

And I thought yesterday's photo was lovely. It just keeps getting better. (thanks for turning off the word verfication.)

Bill said...

What a difference a day, I mean, a filter makes. Both versions of the photo are beautiful.

Seth said...

Love it and love the way it is presented. This could totally be an oil painting.

Carol said...

Such a change, and very successful. I have I watermark but keep forgetting to use it. I think I'll turn off word verification too. It just drives me mad trying to get it right on the iPad.