April 2, 2012

Not An Exit

Not An Exit. David Hayes, 2012
i365 project, 92/365. (FX Photo Studio)

I'm beginning to wonder where all these images are coming from. My parents warned me about this sort of thing. No matter....here's the recipe:

Using FX Photo Studio....
Apply the Glowing Edges filter...use a mask to block out the "Not An Exit" sign.
Apply the Green Lense filter...again using a mask to block out the sign.
Finally, add a touch of Ancient Canvas to add to the "ambience" of the image.
Save...and ponder....


Cindy said...

kind of a scary picture, reminds me of the twilight zone. Great picture!

Lisa Graham Art said...

I find the image humorous. Not an exit...but it's in green. Green means go. Very creative Dave!

Carole said...

funny how parents do that!
Another fabulous photo.