April 6, 2012


Lilacs. David Hayes, 2012.
i365 project, 96/365. (Iris, Frame Magic)

I started with a close up I took of a lilac bush in my yard....
Opening this image in Iris, I first cropped it a little tighter and resized the image.
I then applied these filters:
1. Sandstone Surface
2. Retro
3. Sharpen
Saving the image and reopened in Frame Magic. Here I used the image itself as my background pattern, played around with the width of the frame and the positioning of the main image. Once I was satisfied, I saved....I hope you enjoy!


Lisa Graham Art said...

I saw this on Twitter, but wanted to comment here...this is BEAUTIFUL! It's delicate, it's soft, it has a lot of life in it. Nice image!

Deb Ammerman said...

I love lilacs! My Grandmother had a wonderful lilac bush in her yard on Long Island, I've wanted one of my own, but had to settle for Japanese Lilacs, They are pretty in their own right, but not the same. I usually get something to plant in the yard for Mother's Day, it's a tradition with us, I am hoping that this year we can find a starter bush. I love the way your digital art come out. The petals look like paper. It turned out lovely!

Carol said...

I don't have Iris or Frame Magic - but just give me a moment! I wish my lilac flowered like this. Probably too hot here but I persist. My mother came from Vienna Austria, where lilac is everywhere.