April 28, 2012

Figure Study

Figure Study. David Hayes, 2012
i365 project. 118/365 (Scanned 35mm negative, Photo Transfer App,PhotoToaster)


The original image is from a scanned 35mm black and white negative that I shot back in the 70's, transferred into my iPad using the Photo Transfer App. (I use this app a lot to transfer images from my iPhone to my iPad...and then the finished images to my Mac for posting.)
Opened in PhotoToaster...
Cropped using "Golden Ratio"
Light: Recover Highlights
FX: Vibrant
Vignette: none
Texture: Scratched
Border: Torn Edge.


jaeartworks said...

Gorgeous! Hey on Phototoaster, each time you hit a new filter is it adding on to the previous or do you have to save in between each one?

Lisa Graham Art said...

I like the grittiness and the colors in this image so much.

Carol said...

Beautiful use of PhotoToaster. Great atmosphere.

Bill said...

I think this should be titled "Squashed."