April 15, 2012

Different Fruit...

Different Fruit. David Hayes, 2012
i365 project, 105/365. (Snapseed)

I used Snapseed for this image....after capturing the pic with my native camera app...
1. Applied the "Drama 2" filter and did a little adjusting for strength & saturation.
2. On top of this, I added the "Vintage Film 1" filter, Texture #3. Adjusted a bit for brightness.
3. Did a little "Selective Adjust" to tone down a couple of the bright spots on the eggs.
4. Tuned a bit for WB.
5. Finished it all off with "Organic Frame #1"
And there you have it. How do you like your eggs?
Happy Sunday everyone!!!


Gail P said...

I'm liking the frames, a lot. Marvelous image.

Bill said...

Well, fruit of the loom it isn't, but they do look like pretty special eggs. It almost looks like you have the Midas touch.

Carol said...

The eggs are perfect and the timber background is stunning. Beautiful!