April 9, 2012


Denim. David Hayes, 2012

i365 project, 99/365. (Lens+, Snapseed)

A bit of a break from the flowers and the like....something a little more with an edge. (Tomorrow's image will be even
Image captured using Lens+ set on "Golden Age". Saved.
Reopened in Snapseed.
1. Cropped square.
2. Tune Image - contrast and brightness
3. Frame #8 @ 38%
Saved and plated...


Happy Little Trees Studio said...

You know I can just see this one in a trendy loft space. Nice work!

Carol said...

Really nice photo. Lens+ is new to me. I love it when you push me to the app shop. I've put photos on my blog for the past 3 days - my recipes are a bit brief because I keep forgetting what I've done. But please check them out and tell me what you think. The 6 yr old is churning out the pics using apps, she is very excited to think shell be in your next recipe challenge.