April 25, 2012

Dave's App Recipe Book Project - April, 2012 Edition

It is time for the April, 2012 edition of "Dave's App Recipe Book Project"!! This is where iDevice photographers share their images and "recipes" on how they created these wonderful pics! 

The project is a collaboration where all are invited to participate and are welcomed...it is not a "juried" show! The only stipulations is that an image must be created digitally and then edited/altered in-device. (No Photoshopping allowed!!!) Those who are participating have created a post on their blogs, websites, or Flickr streams...and I've listed these below for your partaking. Please take some time to visit each of these posts...and do make sure that you leave comments. We all love the feedback!!

I want to give a shout-out this month to David Roccato. A iphoneographer of exceptional skill, David's images and "recipes" are always so impressive. His contribution this month, Revenge, is no exception! You can also catch his handiwork on his newsletter, The Daily iPhoneographer! Thanks, David for all your support!!!

There is still time to participate...just send me a link to where we can find your image and recipe and I'll add it to the list! My email address is: clearerreflections (at) hotmail (dot) com.

So...without further ado...here are this month's participants!


Seth said...

Thanks for hosting this project Dave. It gives me a chance to at least use my apps once a month!

David Roccato said...

Thank you for the mention Dave. I went around to see all the other links and it's kinda interesting as usual. I like the final result of your recipe too, the red on the right side it gives me the feeling of a blood touch. ;)

@Seth: you're right. Deadlines are often a good exercise.

Carol said...

I've visited everyone and there's such a lot to learn. Thanks Dave, it's a lot of fun.

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Very cool! I'm always in awe of all of you who are way more "techy" than me and can do this stuff.