April 18, 2012

Dave's App Recipe Book Project - April Edition

One week from today, April 25th, I will be hosting the next edition of "Dave's App Recipe Book Project"! This is a collaborative project where iphoneographers from around the world can share their favorite idevice image...and the "recipe" on how they made it! Everyone is invited to participate regardless of the device they've use. The important thing is that you participate!

Here are the particulars....

On April 25th you need to post your image on your website, Flickr stream, Facebook page...anywhere where you can send me a link to your image that I can post here. Along with this image you also need to give us your recipe on how you created your image. Be detailed...we'll all be learning from you! (I know I will be taking notes...I'm always on the look out for another app!) 

You can use any digital means to capture your image...that means iPhones, iPads, Droids, digital cameras, and yes....even digital scans of an analog capture! (It's all photography!) However...you must create your final image using in-device apps. So...you can't process your image in your desktop/laptop....sorry no "shopping" allowed!! 

Once you email me your link, I'll post it on this blog for all to enjoy!! My email address is: clearerreflections@hotmail.com. Please also use this email if you have any questions.

I hope to see everyone here on the 25th!!!

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Barbara Gentry said...

Hi David have some that you might like to use
Not sure where to post
Thanks Barbee