April 4, 2012

Dave's App Recipe Book - April, 2012 Edition

Just a quick announcement! The April 2012 edition of "Dave's App Recipe Book" will be taking place in a couple of weeks... this month's happening is Wednesday, April 25th. (Normally, these take place on the third Wednesday of the month...but I'll be out of town on the 17th!)

Everyone is invited to join in the fun. Here's how. All you have to do is:
1. Capture an image using an "idevice" camera app, digital camera, or analog camera (If you've used your digital or analog camera, you will then have to import this image into your iPhone, iPad, or Droid device.
2. Build an image using in-device apps. You can use as few as one app or as many as you like. (Even the Instagram filters will work!) You can use any app(s) you chose...and any theme you want. Oh...no "shopping" allowed!
3. One April 25th...post on your blog, website, or Flickr site your image as well as the "recipe" where you tell everyone how you create your wonderful pic.
4. Make sure to send me an email at clearer reflections@hotmail.com with the link to your posting and I'll include it in the Recipe Book.
5. If you have any questions, please send me an email!

This is a great chance to share your images and knowledge with everyone. So I hope you will join in!


Carol said...

I'm in Dave, will work on it over Easter at the beach.

Seth said...

I'm in!