April 12, 2012

Chicken Scratch

Chicken Scratch. David Hayes, 2012
i365 project, 102/365. (Scratchcam, Instagram)

As with yesterday's image, I've already posted this on Instagram...but thought it worthy to be included in my i365 series...so here it is again! (In any case...I think it's one of my best...so it should be repeated!)

Close up of brown eggs taken with my iPhone camera app...saved.
Opened in Scratchcam...and played around with the different combo's until happy. Saved. (As always...I do wish Scratchcam would name their filters! It would make life so much easier....)
Opened Instagram...applied the Sierra filter...and posted.
Simple as that!


Cindy said...

You amaze me with your creativity! I love this photo!

Lisa Graham Art said...

I really really like this one Dave. The earth deep rich color and all the scratchy rawness, the aged look...reminds me of a reel to reel film.

Carole said...

Simple pictures are often best! Have you ever read the kids book "Simple Pictures Are Best"? It's about a couple who want their photograph taken. As the story goes along they add more and more things they want in the photo. By the end they are surrounded by chaos and ....
I won't ruin the ending for you! :)

Carol said...

Nice. It may have started out as a simple picture but you've turned it into an art work.

Bill said...

More eggs, huh? You're on a roll! Beautiful metallic colors.