April 23, 2012


Blades. David Hayes, 2012.
i365 project, 113/365. (6x6, FX Photo Studio, Diptic, Camera Bag)

As a change up, I capture the base image using the 6x6 app. This gave me a nice, square image to build from.....
Opened this in FX Photo Studio and applied their "Socono" filter followed by the "Amsterdam" filter. Saved.
Using Diptic, I repositioned the same image in each "window" to built my triptych. Saved this and...
Opened in Camera Bag.
Border: Instant
Cropping: None
Filter: Helga
Saved...and now shared!

This Wednesday! "Dave's App Recipe Book Project".  Check it out here!


Gail P said...

oh my, I used to do a lot of triptychs. Love what you did here.

Deb Ammerman said...

wow, this is fabulous! Love it!

Carol said...

Really interesting, Dave. Intriguing use of the green and white. Will investigate Diptych.