April 21, 2012

Best Side

Best Side. David Hayes, 2012
i365 project, 111/365. (PS Express, TouchReTouch, Halftone)

It's Saturday....so I thought a touch of whimsy would be fun!

I first used PS Express to square-crop this snap of two mannequins....and then flipped them. Saved this.
In the lower left corner there was part of a sign showing. I used TouchReTouch to take this out. (I tell you what...this app is magical!) Saved this version.
Reopened in Halftone...applied it's "Code Red" effects filter and its "Crackle" paper surface filter. The font in the text bubbles is Euphemia UCAS Italics.

Don't forget! "Dave's App Recipe Book Project". Wednesday, April 25th. Everyone is invited!!


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Arghhh... I don't have HalfTone - yet. Clever and intriguing, Dave, as usual!