March 29, 2012


Whirlpool. David Hayes, 2012.
i365 project, 88/365. (FX Photo Studio, Twist Cam, Decim8, Image Blender)

Thought I'd show you another take that started with the same image, "Spring Storm"....
Created "Spring Storm" using FX Photo Studio (Invert + Ancient Canvas).....saved.
Ran this through Twist Cam...and kept twisting until I got the whirlpool effect....saved.
Put "Spring Storm" through Decim8....and stopped when I got the cubed effect you see in the background...saved.
Used Image Blender to put these two images together using the Exclusion setting at 68%.
As always...saved...and now posted!


amy of four corners design said...

great image - it looks like a painting...very Paul Klee like!

Wyn Vogel said...

Looks like a whirlpool Dave!! Still love your Rose though!! - the colours you are getting into these are fantastic!! Cheers!

Jo Murray said...

A very appealing image Dave...well done.