March 9, 2012


Spring. David Hayes, 2012.

i365 project, 68/365.


Set up a still life and iphoneograph it using the 6x6 app to get a nice "square" image.
Save, then open the image in ColorSplash. Use the brushes to bring back the color in just the flower. This will be Layer 1. Save this image.
Reopen the 6x6 image in Grungetastic HD; apply the "Beached 2' filter followed by the 'Abstract' filter. This will be Layer 2. Save this image.
Take a short break...maybe have a glass of wine or a cup of tea.... Iris. Load the ColorSplash layer (#1) and make this your base layer. Load the Grungetastic HD Layer (#2) and blend gently to taste using "Multipy". You will then need to apply a mask to bring out the yellow in the flower.
Take another short break...maybe another glass of wine....then...still using Iris....add an appropriate line or two of text. Position the text and save.


amy of four corners design said...

looking good!

Bill said...

Okay. I had some wine, and now the flower disappeared. I hope I didn't think it was the appetizer!