March 16, 2012


MAR RAM. David Hayes, 2012
i365 project, 75/365. (Hipstamatic + FX Photo Studio)

A little March madness of my own....or....taking something very simple and making it...I'll let you decide!


Find a concrete wall showing cracks with real attitude. Gray or white walls will work best for this recipe. Hipstamatic and "dial in" the Matty ALN lens and Blackys B&W film. Leave the flash off.
Take a bunch of're after the cracks with the most personality! 
Pick to your camera roll and open this in FX Photo Studio. close attention...there are a bunch of steps ahead!
1. B&W Grained
2. Noir Blue
3. Sepia
4. Symmetry Vertical
5. Pencil Paint 2
Apply each filter in the same order as above...adjusting each to taste.
Before saving, do one last adjustment for contrast and hue/saturation.
Save...and enjoy!

1 comment:

jen hart said...

it's kind of like a Rorschach test!! cool!