March 19, 2012


Magnum. David Hayes, 2012.

i365 project, 78/365. (FX Photo Studio + Scratchcam)

I realize that this image may not be everyone's "cup of tea" ....but you have to admit that is does have strong graphic elements....

I started with a snap of a revolver's cylinder loaded with six cartridges....
Used FX Photo Studio and cropped it tight...then applied these filters in this order:
"Black and White'
"Vintage Red"
"Radial Blur".
Adjusting each as needed. Saved this image.
Reopened in Scratchcam and used the folded paper filter and a scratch filter. (They don't name their filters, so I couldn't tell you exactly which ones I used!)
Save and enjoy!


Dave's App Recipe Book Project - March edition. Takes place this Wednesday, the 21st. You are invited to include your favorite iDevice "recipe"! Check out the details here.


Anna Mavromatis said...

impressive! (one of my favorites!!!)

Carole said...

This one makes me nervous!