March 18, 2012


Dreams. David Hayes, 2012.
i365 project, 77/365 (FX Photo Studio + Frame Magic).

A real simple one today...
Start with a motorcycle with a distinctive instrument dial. In my case, I used the speedometer on my Harley Heritage Softtail....
Take your snaps....always do several...but you already know that....
Open the best of the best in FX Photo Studio. Do a little cropping, etc.
Apply these filters:
Do so in this order...adjusting to taste as you go.
Reopen the image in Frame Magic. Find a frame style you like, apply and adjust size, shadow, etc. to taste.
Save and enjoy!


Dave's App Recipe Book Project - this coming Wednesday, March 21st! I hope you'll be joining in the fun!! Click here for details!!


Wyn Vogel said...

My Bother in Law restores old Triumph cars - and I was honoured to be given a ride in his latest creation while I was down in Tassy recently!! Although this is your Harley speedo - the imagery just brought back the wind in my hair and the fact that I was roaring around the corners in an unregistered little blue sports car!! Wonderful!!!

Raylee said...

hi dave, just catching up with your photos.....what a wonderful mix!! i like your style.