March 21, 2012

Dave's App Recipe Book Project - March, 2012 Edition

An Introduction

Apps. We all have them...and if you're like me, one is never enough! There is always one more that I have to download. Do I have apps that I haven't used but once? Yeah...I'll have to admit to that. And there are apps that I seem to go to every time. In any case, I am always amazed at what I can create using my's opened new worlds for me in photography. (I have a "classical" training in photography....and do know my way around Photoshop...but let me tell you....these apps are something else!)

The project

 I started the Dave's App Recipe Book Project back in October of last year as a way to not only learn more about my apps, but to create a framework where others could share how they use their favorite apps...and to learn from each other. I have since created my i365 project where I create an new image every day, trying out different combinations of apps....and sharing my "recipes" on my blog, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. Today I invited you to take in the March, 2012 edition of "Dave's App Recipe Book"and all the wonderful app recipes submitted for your enjoyment.

Here's how this works. Those who are participating today have created an image to share. While these images could have their beginnings outside an iDevice, the building of the final image had to happen in-device...and not on their Macs or PCs. They have posted the image(s) and how they created them on their own blogs, Flickr site, or web site and sent me the link to their postings....these links are listed below. Please take a moment to visit each one...and to leave comments to let them know that you were there and appreciate their sharing.

So without further delay, here are the participants in this month's edition!

001 jaeartworks
002 David Roccato
003 Misterspells
004 Michal Koralewski
005 backwoodsphotographer
006 Expression Studio
007 HollyDeanArtist
008 ValerigailDesigns
009 The Altered Page
010 Four Corners Design
011 Photos Pixelated: Trash Lady, Trash Lady Finished
012 Barnacle Goose Paperworks
013 Barbara Gentry: Dew Drops on A Spider Web. (FX Photo Studio: Sepia Glow + Border 4. Olloclip
                                             lens - Macro.)

My own contribution

Tomorrow. David Hayes, 2012

i365 project, 80/365. (ProHDR, Decim8, FX Photo Studio, Color Splash)

Use ProHDR to take pics of dark, ominous thunderclouds brewing in the distance. (Honest...that's how this image started!) Save your results.
Pick one, and reopen in Decim8. Set to "random" and keep hitting "Retry" until you get the result you like. It's pure serendipity! Save.
Reopen in FX Photo Studio and apply these filters, adjusting to taste:
"B&W Magazine"
"Lightening Overlay 1"
"Orange Lens"
Save this image to your camera roll...take a break and then...
Open in Color Splash....and "paint" in the lightening bolts.
Save and enjoy.


jaeartworks said...

Wow that's an amazing transformation! Sometimes I think maybe I don't experiment enough. All my painting gets in the way- lol

Gail P said...

Very exciting image! Without a fantastic photo to work with this wouldn't have happened.

Holly Dean said...

I love the amazing things you do to your images :) I'm sure the originals are just as wonderful!

amy of four corners design said...

ok...the guilt's the link to my photo - posted in your flickr pool already...its nothing fancy or complicated...but I was working today!

Carol said...

Dave, is it too late to join in the March round? Carol

Bill said...

I guess the sun isn't coming up "tomorrow" then. Great work.