March 31, 2012

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy. David Hayes, 2012.
i365 project, 90/365. (Camera+, TouchReTouch, FX Photo Studio, Snapseed)

I used Camera+ to take this shot...just trying it out as a replacement camera app....
You can't see the wireless tower that was prominent in the right hand corner because I use TouchReTouch to remove it. (Talk about an app that performs magic!)
Saved all of this...
Reopened in FX Photo Studio and applied the "Warm" filter. Saved.
Went to Snapseed...reopened the last step...and did a little "Selective Adjust" to toned down the hotspots...I think you can tell where those are....then applied the "Drama 2" filter and the "Frame 7" filter to finish it all up!


Bill said...

Houston? We have a problem. Cotton candy is gumming up the retrorockets. Oh my. I haven't even been drinking.

Cindy said...

so very cool!