March 6, 2012


C.A.M. David Hayes, 2012

i365 project, 65/365.

From the inside of the Cincinnati Art it's exterior! 

I shot this pic using the Streetmate app set at 28mm, extreme sharpness and contrast, true grayscale. This gave me a very "graphic" wide angled image to work with. (This is a great app for street photography by the way...nice gritty shots of life around you type of thing....)

Bringing this image into FX Photo Studio, I applied the "Lindale" cross processing filter, the "Ancient Canvas" filter, and finally...the "Vignette 1" filter.  All in all...a great classical, vintage feel to the end result!


Lisa Graham Art said...

Hi Dave! I found you via Carole Reid's blog. I love what I am seeing here on your blog, so I followed you here and on flickr...and tumblr...your twitter did not link up.

Greetings from a lover of mixed media...anything art Wichita, Kansas!

jaeartworks said...

This one is really stunning!

Julie said...

Great shots the last few posts, Dave...I'm late for the party as usual..but better than nothin'. :)

Cindy said...

I LOVE this one! Looks so old!
Great job!