March 14, 2012


Bang. David Hayes, 2012. 
i365 project, 73/365.

I ran into this quote several weeks ago and ever since have been working on a photo illustration. I "saw" a gun...a revolver and a typewriter. I tried a couple of different approaches, but it wasn't until I realized it needed a "Frank Miller" treatment...then it all came together. Bang!

Okay...roll up your sleeves, put on a clean apron. This on is a bit involved!
Use the Streetmate app to take pics of a revolver, etc. You want a nice juicy black and white image!
Do a little cropping in the app of your choice, save, and then open in FX Photo Studio.
In this app, apply the "X-Ray" filter followed by the "Old TV" filter. Save. (This will be your right corner.)
Put together a scene with a typewriter and the same revolver. Use whatever camera app you wish. Save.
Open this image in Snapseed. (This will be your left corner.)
In this app, apply the "Vintage Film" filter (Style 8, Texture 1). Follow this with a bit of "Lens Blur" to set the mood and finish with a bit of "Drama" (Dark 2 @80%) Save. the Strip Designer app and pick the appropriate template. Position the images to taste. Open the text box and "set" the quote.
Save and enjoy!


Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

Love that quote, so true.

Bill said...

Very cool! At least it wasn't a smoking gun.