February 13, 2012

Pic(tures) of the Week

The Four Dolls. David Hayes. 2012

I know...they have faces only  their mother would love....or in this case, their iphoneographer! I had so much fun using FX Photo Studio to create these images that I couldn't decide which one to pick for the Picture of the Week. So... I present to you "The Four Dolls"! (I used Diptic to create this foursome.)

Here's the "recipes" for each of the Dolls. As I just said, I used FX Photo Studio in all cases, but different filter combinations for each. Starting in  the top left hand corner, and going clock wise:

1. Doll One: Color Fantasy (Invert category) + Noir Red (Photo Style category)
2. Doll Two: X-Ray (SFX category) + Burnt Paper (Vintage category)
3. Doll Three: Pencil Paint #2 (Art category) + Hippie (Photo Style category)
4. Doll Four: 3D Effect (SFX category).

One of the things I like about FX Photo Studio is that you can combine any number of filters to come up with your final image. You can also create "presets" of your favorite combinations so it's easy to come back to them again. This is one great app...if you don't already have it, do look into it. It comes as an iPhone version (which will also work on an iPad) and a separate iPad version  that costs a bit more than the iPhone version but comes with more editing options, etc. Naturally....I have both! (o:

Finally, just a reminder that my online collaborative project, "Dave's App Recipe Book - February, 2012" edition happens this coming Wednesday, the 15th. I do hope you plan to join in the fun. Check out the details here.


Bill said...

I have always loved any type of art laid out like that. I guess Warhol made the style famous, but it's always interesting. It's very cool that you used a doll head as your model.

Wyn Vogel said...

Dave these are so like the 4 moods of the day!!

My partner keeps reminding me that as a little girl I had a doll with no hair (he saw a photo of me with her apparently!!) But i remember that doll saw me through all sorts of crisis!! Here's to the doll!!