February 20, 2012

Pic(ture) of the Week

February Sky. David Hayes. 2012

I am going to give the honors this time to "February Sky". This image turned out to be a real sleeper...I thought it was a nice little image with not much going for it...but it seems to have garnered a lot of attention from viewers on Instagram and Flickr!! And who's to argue with such an audience!!!

I started with a shot I took just at sunset using the Night Cap app. (This is a really great app for catching low light scenes!). I then posted it on Instagram after applying their "Sutro" filter. Later...I opened it in SwankoLab and used the "Grumpelstitskin processing".

My thanks to everyone who submitted to this month's "Dave's App Recipe Book" project. It seems that this project is starting to get some "press" on Twitter and other places...which is exciting! I'm looking forward to March's edition...which will be March 21st. Stay tuned!!! 


Carole said...

Everyone loves a sunset! I used to frame sunsets by the hundreds when I was a picture framer in the 80s.

Bill said...

It looks pretty good to me. Of course, I've had two beers. (gluten-free - proof there really is a God)

Seth said...

Amazing shot. I can see what it is getting attention!