February 27, 2012

Pic(ture) of the Week

Royal Spelling Book. David Hayes. 2012

I thought the past week's images where pretty good all and all...which does make it hard to chose one to be the "Picture of the Week". In the end, I decided on "Royal Spelling Book".

This image started out as a "snap" I took using my iPhone4 camera while at antique show several weeks ago. The show itself was okay...some interesting items but mostly jewelry and what I would consider "Cracker Barrel" decorator items. (And all overpriced.) Lighting within the exhibiting space was rotten so I didn't take many pictures. I grabbed this one on the fly...and as is the case a lot of times....found a gem as I started to "polish".

I did a bit of cropping with PS Express...and a little adjusting for exposure and contrast. I then opened the edited version in Scratchcam....and tried out various different combinations within the app until I settled on what you see. (Since Scratchcam doesn't label/name their various filters, I couldn't begin to tell you what I used!)

I want to thank everyone who left comments on my "The Week As Art" postings last week. It was a thrill to see my series on the Create Mixed Media site...and a bigger one reading all the nice things you all said about my images!!!

February 25, 2012

The Week As Art - February 25, 2012

25. David Hayes. 2012

Number 7 and the last in the series I did for Create Mixed Media's "The Week As Art". You can see the entire series here. My thanks again to Create Mixed Media for giving me this opportunity!!!

Okay...now I'm really guessing as to what app I used! I want to say it was Pic Grunger but maybe it was Grungetastic? Any other ideas???

February 24, 2012

The Week As Art - February 24, 2012

24. David Hayes. 2012
Here's is the sixth in the series that I did for Create Mixed Media's "The Week As Art". You can see the entire series here.

The app that I used? Hmmm....once again....no notes! I wanna say Infinicam based on the frame....but not sure. What do the rest of you think???

February 23, 2012

The Week As Art - February 23, 2012

23. David Hayes, 2012.

Here is today's "number".... part of the series I did for Create Mixed Media's "The Week As Art". You can see the entire series here.

I started with a snap of a curb number...you know...one of those painted addresses on the curb in front of houses....did a little cropping to focus on the number, 23. Then...FX Photo Studio....using the burnt paper filter...and probably the vintage canvas one as well. (I didn't take notes so while I'm sure about the burnt paper filter....just guessing about the vintage canvas.)

February 22, 2012

The Week As Art - Wednesday, February 22, 2012

22. David Hayes. 2012

Fourth in the series I did for Create Mixed Media's, The Week As Art. I used the app, Pro Camera, to alter this image of two crossed skeleton key tops.

If you would like to see the entire series, please go here.

February 21, 2012

The Week As Art - February 21, 2012

21. David Hayes. 2012

This is the third in the series I did for Create Mix Media's "The Week As Art" feature. I'm guessing from the looks of this pic that I used Artista Haiku to alter the image. I do know that it was taken at my local Lowe's....I did some rearranging of their display of mailbox/sign numbers to stage this shot. And yes...I did put everything back the way it was!!

To see the entire series at once, go to here.

February 20, 2012

Pic(ture) of the Week

February Sky. David Hayes. 2012

I am going to give the honors this time to "February Sky". This image turned out to be a real sleeper...I thought it was a nice little image with not much going for it...but it seems to have garnered a lot of attention from viewers on Instagram and Flickr!! And who's to argue with such an audience!!!

I started with a shot I took just at sunset using the Night Cap app. (This is a really great app for catching low light scenes!). I then posted it on Instagram after applying their "Sutro" filter. Later...I opened it in SwankoLab and used the "Grumpelstitskin processing".

My thanks to everyone who submitted to this month's "Dave's App Recipe Book" project. It seems that this project is starting to get some "press" on Twitter and other places...which is exciting! I'm looking forward to March's edition...which will be March 21st. Stay tuned!!! 

The Week As Art...Monday, February 20th.

20. David Hayes. 2012

This is the image for Monday, February 20th....published as part of The Week in Art column on the Creative Mixed Media website.

I took this at my local Lowes store...it's a price tag for....I don't remember. And...I will have to say...I don't even remember what app(s) I used to create this image... (I really should have written this down!!)

You can see the entire week at once by going here.

February 19, 2012

The Week As Art...Sunday, February 19th.

19. David Hayes. 2012.

My pics are featured this week in Create Mixed Media's "The Week As Art" posting. I'm so excited!!! So...I thought I'd share them with you, one a day. (Talk about an easy blog posting!) 

I will have to admit that I didn't write down which apps I used to create each of my "days"...so I will taking some educated guesses with each of them. I believe I used TypePlay to create the number and then Infinicam to create the slide effect. Pretty sure about this....

If you would like to see the entire week's pics at once, please go to Create Mixed Media. Just scroll down a little and there they are!!!

Have a great Sunday!!!!

February 15, 2012

Dave's App Recipe Book Project - February, 2012 Edition

Welcome to the February, 2012 edition of "Dave's App Recipe Book"! This is a collaborative online project designed to allow "smartphone" photographers a place to share their images....and how they created them with everyone. 

There are no requirements other than posting an image or images taken with a  smartphone camera on one's blog, website, or Flickr site and give the "recipe" on how that image was created. Listed below you will find the links to all those who have decided to participate this month. Make sure to visit all these links...and most importantly....leave comments about what you find. (Comments make us all very happy!!)

To prime the pump....here's my image and recipe for this month's edition!

Hippy Chick. David Hayes. 2012
"Hippy Chick" started off as an iPhone snap taken during the Christmas holiday of "The Eldest" clowning around with a skein of yarn. (I've used this same pic earlier but with different apps.) This time, I opened the image in a newly found app called PhotoTropedelic and played around with the "Detail" and "Colors" setting until I had a version I liked. I think I settled for a "Detail" of 4 and all 22 "Colors" for this. Saving this to my Camera Roll, I then opened the PhotoTropedelic version in Iris. Here I first cropped the image square....and after trying out a couple different filters settled on the "Classic Grunge Filter". Somehow this just fit...

Enough on my image! Here are the links to this month's contributors. Again, do visit each one and leave comments!

Once again, my thanks to everyone who contributed this month!!

February 13, 2012

Pic(tures) of the Week

The Four Dolls. David Hayes. 2012

I know...they have faces only  their mother would love....or in this case, their iphoneographer! I had so much fun using FX Photo Studio to create these images that I couldn't decide which one to pick for the Picture of the Week. So... I present to you "The Four Dolls"! (I used Diptic to create this foursome.)

Here's the "recipes" for each of the Dolls. As I just said, I used FX Photo Studio in all cases, but different filter combinations for each. Starting in  the top left hand corner, and going clock wise:

1. Doll One: Color Fantasy (Invert category) + Noir Red (Photo Style category)
2. Doll Two: X-Ray (SFX category) + Burnt Paper (Vintage category)
3. Doll Three: Pencil Paint #2 (Art category) + Hippie (Photo Style category)
4. Doll Four: 3D Effect (SFX category).

One of the things I like about FX Photo Studio is that you can combine any number of filters to come up with your final image. You can also create "presets" of your favorite combinations so it's easy to come back to them again. This is one great app...if you don't already have it, do look into it. It comes as an iPhone version (which will also work on an iPad) and a separate iPad version  that costs a bit more than the iPhone version but comes with more editing options, etc. Naturally....I have both! (o:

Finally, just a reminder that my online collaborative project, "Dave's App Recipe Book - February, 2012" edition happens this coming Wednesday, the 15th. I do hope you plan to join in the fun. Check out the details here.

February 8, 2012

Dave's App Recipe Book - February, 2012 Edition

The February, 2012 edition of "Dave's App Recipe Book" happens just one week from today...on Wednesday, February 15th! On this day my blog, Clearer Reflections, will host yet another chapter of this collaborative on-line project. Here is your chance to not only show off your latest smart phone photography but to also share your favorite "recipes" on how you created your image....and to find out how others created theirs. There is nothing better than a good old-fashioned swap!!

All you need is to do are two things. First, post your image on your own blog, website, or Flickr site on February 15th. Along with this image, give a step-by-step "recipe" on how you created it. Be as specific as you can as we'll all be taking notes. (I know I will!) Your image can be on any subject you wish and you can use as many apps as you want. You can also post as many images as you want! The only stipulation is that your image(s) must be created entirely "in-camera" or iPad.  

On February 15th, I will post a list of all participants and their links on Clearer Reflections so that everyone can be sure to find your pics and recipes. Please (and this is important!) email me with a link to your post when it goes up so I can add it to my list on my blog. My email address is: clearerreflections (at) hotmail (dot) com.

I'm looking forward to this month's edition...I hope you join in the fun! If you have any questions, please get in touch with me. And...because the more the merrier, please pass this post on to those who you know who would also be interested!) 

One last thing...I hope you noticed my new "logo" for this project. (I like the distinquished look it gives me...) I thought it also might be fun to also post two versions of the logo...just in case you want to use them on your blog....



February 6, 2012

Pic(ture) of the Week!

Threshold. David Hayes. 2012

I liked the flower series I posted last week...thought there were some interesting things going on in each version. And I liked that each one allowed me to explore a little more about each of the apps I used to create a particular version. (I was particularly impressed with what one could do with ProHDR!) Yet...I didn't think any of them stood out as much as "Threshold".

"Threshold" started out as a very high contrast picture of a frosted window taken in a downtown building. The light was pouring through "just right"....giving the glass this unearthly glow. It was one of those moments where you quickly grab some shots knowing that you could put them to use later....

I hadn't planned how "Threshold" came out....I just started exploring. Not liking what was happening at first, I decided to go outside the box a bit and try Toon Paint on it. The more I tweaked and adjusted, the more I liked what I saw! After settling on an Edge setting of 80-85%, Gray @ 80-85%, and Black @ 60%...I then did a little "painting" selectively putting some blues into the panes. Then....after saving this version...I reopened in Camera Bag and applied a "Thick" border, "Square" crop, and a "Colorcross" filter to complete the image....which was totally different than what I had first envisioned. (I always like it when this happens!) I still have the original shots to work with on a different day...

Thanks for visiting...have a great week!!

February 5, 2012

Thought of the Day...

Grandma. David Hayes. 2012 

"If you are photographing in color you show the color of their clothes - if you use black & white you will show the color of their soul." - Anonymous