January 30, 2012

Pic(ture) of the Week!

Produce 1. David Hayes. 2012

Produce 2. David Hayes. 2012
Looking over the past week's images, my first inclination was to pick the companion pick to "Produce 1".... which is creatively titled, "Produce 2". I like the bold contrasts created by Posterize in "Produce 2" and that it suggests the brain-on-drugs of a certain rock star named Keith....  

"Produce 1" was also at the top of my list, so I went to my Flickr site and checked the stats for the week and found that this image had garnered the most view "hits" of any I posted for the week...in fact the most of any of my images for the past several weeks. So...I guess "Produce 1" was a clear favorite!! 

Here's my "recipe" for "Produce 1":
  • go to your local grocer's and photograph heads of cauliflower. I found these purple and orange specimens on display and just knew I had to use them. And yes, they really are purple and orange! I didn't do any changing of color!!
  • When I shot these images, I decided to use the camera app, 6x6 'cause it gives a nice chunky square image...and is pretty easy to use on the fly. (I didn't want to being standing there and have the produce manager come up to me....)
  • Later, I uploaded this image into Ttv Studio Pro and applied that app's "Rolliflex - Grid" filter.
  • I might have done a little adjustment of contrast and brightness...but I don't think so. 
So what do you think? "Produce 1" or "Produce 2"? 


Deb Ammerman said...

lol, be careful taking photos in stores, there was a big stink at a local mall where a family was kicked out of the building for taking photos of one of their grandchildren playing or something... I don't remember all the details, but the family was pretty upset about it.

I like both photos of the cauliflower, I thought you had colorized the purple and orange one, but I really like the bold contrasts of the Produce 2... I am into abstract art, so that might be why, or maybe I just like to think about the brain on drugs of a certain rock star named Keith. You crack me up! :)

jaeartworks said...

First let me say I can't believe you didn't change the color in the first one. Wow! Never seen those before. I like both. When you originally posted each one, I think I was drawn more to the second one. I find it to be a really crazy image- very graphic, interesting texture, and a strange reference to anatomy (makes me think of the brain and even the heart for some reason.)

Bill said...

So that's what his brain looks like! The things one learns on the Internet these days. I really like the purple cauliflower picture. I'm not saying "and orange," because it sure looks yellow on my computer. Produce #2 looks orange and blue. I sure hope my computer isn't lying to me!