January 16, 2012

Pic(ture) of the Week

DRF. David Hayes. 2012

As I looked over the pictures I posted this past week, I can't say that any of them really stood out. Don't take me wrong, I like all of them...but I wouldn't say any of them are "standouts". I'm not upset about this...I know that not all 365 pictures I will create during this project will be wonderful. I do know that I am having fun...and that's what's important!

So...since I have a weak spot for Hipstamatic, I chose "DRF" as this week's "Pic(ture) of the Week". It was created simply by first selecting the combination of: Salvador 84 lens, Dream Canvas film, and the Jolly Rambo 2X flash. Then I got up close to my typewriter and....Hipstamatic did the rest!! Couldn't be any simpler than that!!! (And sometimes, simple is best....)

I want to thank everyone who have left comments about my pics either on this blog, on Flickr, on Twitter, or on Tumblr. I do appreciate your feedback!! And....'cause I want to get as many of you involved as I can...."Dave's App Recipe Book"...the January chapter is this Wednesday, the 18th. I hope to see your pic and recipe come this Wednesday!!!


jaeartworks said...

I bet it is hard to choose. This one is great! I'm going to look up Hipstamatic right now.

Wyn Vogel said...

Don't be hard on yourself Dave - things Rock and Roll you know!!!

I love this one you have posted with the typewriter - I am amazed you have such a creature - the imagery makes one feel that there is still a real world out there where real letters were once written!! Very evocative!!

Bill said...

Holy cow. A real typewriter. Those were the days. It's a wonderful photo!

Seth said...

Count me in for the project. Better late than never I always say!