January 9, 2012

Pic (ture) of the Week!

Intersection. David Hayes. 2012

Here it is...my first Pic(true) of the Week. This was chosen from the first week's of posting for my i365 project...this was 3/365. I picked it for the power in it's simplicity. (And because it drew the most hits on my Flickr page AND made it into the CreativeHive gallery!!)

Here's how I created this image:

  1.  I shot the original image using the app Streetmate set for 35mm, full extreme settings for sharpness and contrast, and the duotone setting at none/True Grayscale.)
  2. I cleaned this up a bit using FX Photo Studio....cropping it square and played a little more with the contrast and brightness.
  3. Then, still using FX Photo Studio, I went to the Photo Styles effects and applied the "Marine" filter. To finish it off, I used the Photo Border 2 in Frames. (Although it's hard to see this in the pic.)
Quick, clean...done. And a very powerful image to boot!!

A quick reminder....please join everyone and myself next Wednesday, the 18th, for the January chapter of "Dave's App Recipe Book". I know there are lots of tasty recipes out there...come on now....share!!


Robin said...

I really like this one - the composition is clear and strong and the colors are perfect for drawing the eye in and creating interest.

Really nice job Dave!

Carole said...

Love it! Congratulations Dave for making into CH Gallery!

Bill said...

Simple but fantastic indeed!

Seth said...

Such a wonderful contrast between object and background. Excellent choice.

Seth said...

Such a wonderful contrast between object and background. Excellent choice.

Julie said...

I've been just using the preset instagram filters these days..for time sake. I'll try to get something ready for weds but I might have to catch you next month...

THIS on the other hand is a great image!

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

This is a great image! Thanks for sharing your process too!