January 30, 2012

Pic(ture) of the Week!

Produce 1. David Hayes. 2012

Produce 2. David Hayes. 2012
Looking over the past week's images, my first inclination was to pick the companion pick to "Produce 1".... which is creatively titled, "Produce 2". I like the bold contrasts created by Posterize in "Produce 2" and that it suggests the brain-on-drugs of a certain rock star named Keith....  

"Produce 1" was also at the top of my list, so I went to my Flickr site and checked the stats for the week and found that this image had garnered the most view "hits" of any I posted for the week...in fact the most of any of my images for the past several weeks. So...I guess "Produce 1" was a clear favorite!! 

Here's my "recipe" for "Produce 1":
  • go to your local grocer's and photograph heads of cauliflower. I found these purple and orange specimens on display and just knew I had to use them. And yes, they really are purple and orange! I didn't do any changing of color!!
  • When I shot these images, I decided to use the camera app, 6x6 'cause it gives a nice chunky square image...and is pretty easy to use on the fly. (I didn't want to being standing there and have the produce manager come up to me....)
  • Later, I uploaded this image into Ttv Studio Pro and applied that app's "Rolliflex - Grid" filter.
  • I might have done a little adjustment of contrast and brightness...but I don't think so. 
So what do you think? "Produce 1" or "Produce 2"? 

January 23, 2012

Pic(ture) of the Week

Still Life. David Hayes. 2012

My favorite image from last week has to be "Still Life" which I posted on January 19th. There is just a certain air to this pic that makes it stand out. (Particularly in light of the original photo which wasn't much to speak of!!!)

So...I started with an iPhone snap of a bouquet of flowers sitting on a ledge that separates our "breakfast nook" from the family room. Nothing special to this pic....but I did notice that with the bean pot in the background, there was a nice composition going on....

I opened the original in FX Photo Studio HD and did some basic editing and cropping...nothing fancy. (I don't remember exactly but it looks like I  probably played with the exposure, contrast, and saturation a bit.)

Saving and opening this version in ArtistaHaiku, I applied the "Abstract 08" filter...tweeked this a little, then applied the "crinkle paper" background filter.  And there it was!

(Just as a side note: there are four apps in the Artista series - Haiku, Oil, Sketch and Vintage. These are available as an iPhone app or an iPad app in "HD" ...which means you'll pay more but it's worth it! I really like Haiku & Vintage...not so fond of Oil...and haven't tried Sketch. Yet!)

January 18, 2012

Dave's App Recipe Book - January Edition

Warhol? David Hayes. 2012

Thank you for joining everyone for the January, 2012, edition of "Dave's App Recipe Book"! This is a collaborative on-line project where participants use a smart phone or tablet camera to not only take a photograph but then use an app or apps to edited/alter their image. They have not only posted the finished image on their blog or web site, they have also shared their "recipe" on how they created the image! With the hundreds of different apps available to an iphoneographer, the possible combinations are both mind-boggling..and exciting. It is my hope that we all can share and learn some new "tricks" through this project!

My own contribution to the project is entitled, "Warhol?"...influenced by...well you know! While I typically like to do combinations of apps, sometimes just one is all you need! I shot the can of tomato soup using the Andigraf app...the lens was set at "Andigraf" which gives four images in one...and the film was set at "Warhola Candy Color 35mm film"...what else! And there it was! I didn't do anything else but post it as part of my i365 project.

Now...for the main attraction! Listed below are the links to all of this month's participants. Please take some time to visit each...and to leave comments about their works. And...certainly take notes on their "recipes"!! I plan to!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated this month!! I know it takes time to not only create your image but also to create the post. (Thanks to for sharing!!) There is still time to join in the list...just send me your link and I'll add it ASAP!! (My email is: clearerreflections@hotmail.com). The next edition of the Recipe Book will be Wednesday, February 15th. Everyone is invited!!!)

January 16, 2012

Pic(ture) of the Week

DRF. David Hayes. 2012

As I looked over the pictures I posted this past week, I can't say that any of them really stood out. Don't take me wrong, I like all of them...but I wouldn't say any of them are "standouts". I'm not upset about this...I know that not all 365 pictures I will create during this project will be wonderful. I do know that I am having fun...and that's what's important!

So...since I have a weak spot for Hipstamatic, I chose "DRF" as this week's "Pic(ture) of the Week". It was created simply by first selecting the combination of: Salvador 84 lens, Dream Canvas film, and the Jolly Rambo 2X flash. Then I got up close to my typewriter and....Hipstamatic did the rest!! Couldn't be any simpler than that!!! (And sometimes, simple is best....)

I want to thank everyone who have left comments about my pics either on this blog, on Flickr, on Twitter, or on Tumblr. I do appreciate your feedback!! And....'cause I want to get as many of you involved as I can...."Dave's App Recipe Book"...the January chapter is this Wednesday, the 18th. I hope to see your pic and recipe come this Wednesday!!!

January 14, 2012

Thought For The Day....

Negative. David Hayes. 2012

"Life is like photography. You use the negatives to develop."

(P.S.: I hope you're planning to join in the fun this coming Wednesday and post your recipe for "Dave's App Recipe Cook Book"!)

January 9, 2012

Pic (ture) of the Week!

Intersection. David Hayes. 2012

Here it is...my first Pic(true) of the Week. This was chosen from the first week's of posting for my i365 project...this was 3/365. I picked it for the power in it's simplicity. (And because it drew the most hits on my Flickr page AND made it into the CreativeHive gallery!!)

Here's how I created this image:

  1.  I shot the original image using the app Streetmate set for 35mm, full extreme settings for sharpness and contrast, and the duotone setting at none/True Grayscale.)
  2. I cleaned this up a bit using FX Photo Studio....cropping it square and played a little more with the contrast and brightness.
  3. Then, still using FX Photo Studio, I went to the Photo Styles effects and applied the "Marine" filter. To finish it off, I used the Photo Border 2 in Frames. (Although it's hard to see this in the pic.)
Quick, clean...done. And a very powerful image to boot!!

A quick reminder....please join everyone and myself next Wednesday, the 18th, for the January chapter of "Dave's App Recipe Book". I know there are lots of tasty recipes out there...come on now....share!!

January 4, 2012

Dave's App Recipe Book Project!

Twilight. David Hayes. 2012. (Photo FX)

The new year is off and running!! My i365 project is on its way...I've been able to create and post images for the first three days of this year....and above is a sneak preview of the one I'll post tomorrow. I've been posting each day's image on my Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter pages. (You can find links to all of those either in the blog header or along the right sidebar.) I've not posted the daily images to this blog, other than now, as it's my plan to post every Monday what I think was the prior week's best image. (Feel free to weigh in with your own vote each week if you'd like!)

As I stated in my January 1st post, I plan to start doing my App Recipe Book Project every month. First done back in October, 2011, it received enough interest that I'd like to continue hosting the project. Here's how it will work...

On the third Wednesday of every month my blog will host this online collaboration. This month's edition would be January 18, 2012. All you need to do if you would like to participate is first leave me a comment on this post and/or send me an email. (clearer reflections@hotmail.com). Then on January 18th, post an image on your own blog, Flickr, or Tumblr of a pic you created using a "smart phone" camera or iPad and apps. Your pic can be of any subject and you can use any app(s) you wish...the only stipulation is that your image must be done all "in-phone" (or iPad). Thirdly, along with your image, also tell us how you created it. Be specific...give us your "recipe"! Did you use a single app...or did you use several? Give us the step by step recipe so that if we wanted, we could use your "recipe" to create our own image. There are no minimum or maximums to how many apps used or how many images you post on your blog.

Come January 18th, I will post a list of all participating iphoneographers on my blog so that you can be sure to find all the links to all the "recipes". Please note (and this is important!!!): email me the link to your post when it goes up so I know to add you to the list on my blog. Again, my email address is: clearerreflections@hotmail.com. 

If you have any questions, please ask! Also, please, please spread the word around to everyone you know who might want to participate...the more the merrier!! I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful images you all are creating...and sharing recipes!!!

P.S.: I will post reminders between now and then... 

January 1, 2012

i365 Project

New Sunrise. David Hayes. 2012 (001/365)
Here's the first. Went out to get the paper....and there was the sunrise...just waiting for me. How could I resist!!

Camera App: iPhone4
Editing App: none
FX App: Snapseed (Drama2 + Frame 3)

I won't be posting all my i365 pics here...just the best one for a particular week. You can catch them all of them on my Flickr, Tumblr, and/or Facebook pages...or look for it on Twitter! (Links to all of these are available in the Header Tabs or in the Sidebar.)

Master Class

   I have been a participant in the 5th edition of The Pulse - The State of the Art, a collaborative project by Seth Apter of The Altered Page.  The Pulse  is a survey in words and pictures of the online artist community. There are more that 130 of us participating who have answered a series of questions that make up the Pulse.
   This edition is now into its third project, "Master Class". For this project, we were asked: "If you could take a class from one artist from anytime in history, including the present, who would it be and why?" My response to this  question is included in today's posting...which is exciting! Along with my response, Seth has added links and pictures of his own chose.  Now....I don't remember what I answered so this will be real interesting...besides the link(s) he's added to my response!! To read my response...click here.
  Do stop by his blog and check out not only my response but those of the other participants featured today. And...once again, a big thank you to Seth for doing this for all of us!! You are the greatest!!