December 14, 2011


View. Version 1 (9x12, mixed media on stretched canvas)

There seem to always be "rules" on what makes an artwork "good". And it's those "rules" that, if followed too closely, keep us all from starting a new piece. That blank page, blank canvas syndrome. "Like....what if it isn't good enough?!" head trip. And...we all have ways of working through this...some more successful than others! (A glass of wine and the proper music always seems to help me!!!)

In any case, one "rule" that I had to learn was that working with mixed media is that it can always be redone! (Same goes for painting with acrylic...a good coat of gesso and/or white paint cover a multiple of sins!!!) Once I accepted this "rule" as a's been easier for me to try things out...and to redo a piece if I need to! This is the case with "View".

I showed this on my blog a little while ago with a couple of other pieces and asked for feedback. And...while the other pieces received favorable comments, "View" was met with "damning with faint praise...". All of which I had to a agree with.... Version 1 is above. It really does need some help! So....I redid the slide image in the middle, "distressed" the background a bit more...and then added some "splats" that I feel tie the piece together...and help give it more of a "story"....

View - Version 2. 

View -Version 2. (close-up)
What do you think? Better? Worse? Still needs work? Maybe something in the lower box? I'm undecided although I do like the changes. (Oh...and looking at these pics, I have to state that the color and focus could be better...sort of rushed here...) 

I'm just finishing up four small collages...all part of a series. They're 4x6 inches and utilize some different elements...these I'm liking a lot! I should be able to post images of these next do check back in!!


Bill said...

I like both versions. I guess I'm easy to please. :^)

Sue at Fiber Reflections said...

Great images, do like the second version best.


Hey Dave, thanks for visiting my blog & Etsy shop!

Just got done teaching a three session mixed media art journaling workshop and stressed throughout to my students that you can always go back and cover-up/fix/layer until the page suits you...just as you've explained here!

Yes, I do like the second version here with the splats. I tend to follow the "rule of threes" in my work, so I might add another, smaller, splat on the bottom left just touching that lower box. Anyway, it really is a great piece! Thanks for sharing.

amyd said...

mmmm....yes, something needs to go in the lower box in my opinion...a single word? a splotch of a different color...I'm sure you'll do what speaks to you!

Carole said...

Wow you are a brave guy putting your work out like this for critique! I'm thinking something needs to be added to the bottom of Version 2.

Looking forward to seeing you 4"x6"s. Have a good week!

Holly Dean said...

I like the additions you made and I think something in the lower box would work well. Maybe some words? And then more words scattered throughout? O.K. I'm getting carried away, but you know how I like words :)

jaeartworks said...

The empty box doesn't really bother me b/c you've got the tiniest bits of splatter hitting it which I feel ties it in. I might suggest adding one more splatter in that lower left corner that even goes off the edge- just for balance. I love your bravery and your blog, Dave!

Seth said...

What a difference a 'splat' makes. I love the fact that you are experimenting and find it so refreshing that you are seeking feedback from the crew. And I agree with Nancy...there is something about those threes!