December 21, 2011


Fractured. David Hayes. 2011. Scratchcam

So....a bit bored the other day....I took my iPhone4 out to my backyard in search of....anything. I found these great textures and using the "regular" camera app, snap a bunch for further altering...and here's one of them.

Using the app Scratchcam, I first did a little cropping within the app to make it "square". Flipping first through the "scratches" I found one that I thought enhanced the existing texture. Then...flipping through the borders, I added a film-like border. Finally, I went to colors...and added the yellow filter. 

I think if I do this sort of thing again, I'd rotate the image so that the film border ran vertical vs. horizontal. But that's another day!!

And...just in case you're interested, you can also see this image in my Etsy shop!

I have a more Christmas-y posting in mind for Christmas Eve...but just in case I don't have a chance to write it...or you don't come back until's my wish that you and yours have a great holiday and a Happy New Year!!!


MrCachet said...

Find your stamps! I've used the film sprocket (using pen and pencil of course), but I also prefer the vertical frame.

Wyn Vogel said...

Looking very interesting Dave! When you consider where you started in the back yard to this with a phone! Your Gran would be most amazed!!!

Cheers for this coming big one and to the New Year!!

Bill said...

Fascinating app. Fascinating texture. Unfortunately, I'm broke and cannot support your habit. :O)

Seth said...

Nice one Dave. Just say the word texture and I am there!