September 26, 2011

Before...and After....

I have received (and continue to receive!) so many wonderful comments about the pics I posted for the Stacking project that I thought it might be fun to do a quick post showing the befores...and the afters of each photograph. I'm not going to discuss how I did each...just they where all taken with a Nikon D90 camera (RAW files) and edited using Photoshop CS4 and layers...things like contrast, saturation, black and white, etc. No real "recipe"...mostly by the seat of my pants which is the way I like doing things....

Book 20
Book 20, David Hayes, 2011(Before)

Book 20, David Hayes, 2011 (After)

Book 21
Book 21, David Hayes, 2011 (Before)
Book 21, David Hayes, 2011 (After)

Book 25
Book 25, David Hayes, 2011 (Before)
Book 25, David Hayes, 2011 (After)
I feel that the "before" images have a beauty and power all of their own...just as do the "after" images....each showing the decay and change  that this book went through. Looking at each, I also feel that they stand on their own as a statement...different statements and impressions. Which is the power of photography!

I hope you like these....have a great week!!


amyd said...

interesting to see what you started with and where you ended up...I like the before of book 21 as well as the after - but its all good!

Seth said...

Fascinating to see the befores and the afters side by side. The changes you made created images that to me are much more mysterious and memorable.

Bill said...

I agree. Fascinating to see the before and afters. The grayscale adds such an interesting quality. It really highlights the texture.

rivergardenstudio said...

I love your stacks! And the way you photograph them... very gorgeous.
Before or after, equally beautiful to me!!

Aubrey Studebaker said...

Yes, these are super sweet. I love your book project!