August 18, 2011

What I've Been Up To!

50,000 Feet, David Hayes, 2011
Let's see....what have I been up to! Well over the past couple of weeks....

1. Had out of town visitors...
2. Celebrated my 58th birthday....
3. Had both of our daughters at the same about dramas 24/7! (The oldest has gone back to her new "home" and the other has left for a long week-end with it's quiet again...)
4. Bought an about way too much fun!! (And of course I've been picking up new apps for it left and right! Now I need to take some time to learn how to use these!!)
5. Had coffee and lunch with old friends...nice to catch up!!
6. Had lengthy discussions with my wife about life after our children finally do leave home! Looks like we might just go ahead and move to Michigan!
7. And....and....I've been busy trying to finish up my submission pieces for Cloth, Paper, Scissors's Artisan 2012 competition. I was a finalist in last year's competition in the Book Arts category...and this year I'm going to try to win the Collage/Assemblage category!!!

I have completed four pieces, which I want to share now...and a fifth is rounding third and heading for I'll share that one when it is done. Now...I can only submit three pieces so there are decisions to be made! If you care to give me your feedback on which of these four I should pick...please do so!

First up there's "50,000 Feet" that's pictured above. This assemblage is created on gessoed board that I then painted, fastened old computer parts, corroded pieces of copper (that was fun doing!!)...and then "distressed" with green paint. It measures 9x12 inches.

Untitled, David Hayes, 2011
Next...."Untitled" which is a mixed-media collage using such things has papyrus, molding paste, papers and the like. Not quite sure what it's message decide. It measures 8x8 inches.

Memories, David Hayes, 2011
"Memories" started with the image of the woman in the top left corner. I made her by using a packing tape transfer from a magazine picture...then I had put it aside 'cause I wasn't sure how to use her. After a trip to the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio...where I shot the image of the bomber tail that's in the right hand corner...the ideas started coming. This is created on board that I first put down molding paste then painted parchment. I then glued the woman down...the bomber tail image...which is a product of a gel transfer to an aluminum plate...that I then glued down. The images of the building and post card where added to tie everything together. This piece also measures 9x12 inches.

Be Careful What You Fish For, David Hayes, 2011

"Be Careful What You Fish For" is my definitely will be submitted! This is the newest in my Dada doll line...and I had a blast created this!! I first created the wire structure...then, using Fimo I created the creature at the top...which turned out to be two sided! I just love when my creations take on a life of their own. The mermaid was altered to change her skin tones a bit...and to give her nipples back! (Who has ever heard of a mermaid without them!!!) The base was created from a tube that I distressed and painted...and then added the gears and clock. The entire pieces sits about 14 inches tall and is about 5 inches in diameter.

Here's more views:

So there you have it...that's what I've been up to lately.....


Seth said...

Wow you have been busy. These are all great pieces but 'Be Careful What You Fish For' is amazing. I love the fact that she is two sided. And what a clever title.

amyd said...

you have been busy! love the memories piece!

Bill said...

Truly fantastic pieces! Totally impressed again.

vineeta said...

Dave, Everynow and then I do keep a check on who 'follows' my blog. Its a great way to meet some really interesting people. And thats I happened to see your blog & your work. I have to say I am extremely happy & privileged to make your acquaintance. You have lived a full life & experimented and followed your heart all the way & there is nothing I look upto more in a human being. And I also *LOVE* your work. Its sensitive, quirky & beautiful. I had to stop by to say this :)