August 26, 2011

The Pulse of Mixed Media

Seth Apter, whose fabulous blog The Altered Page I have been following for some time now, has been hard at work on his first book about the mixed media community. While there was some sense as to what might be in the book, by in large he wasn't allowed to say much about it. Those of us who had submitted art pieces and written comments for the Q & A section of the book were also asked to keep what we knew to ourselves.

This past Wednesday, Seth sent everyone an email update on his project. He is now able to give out more info about his book! The title will be The Pulse of Mixed Media and will be released by North Light Books on March 2, 2012. To say the least, he is very excited about how his book is turning out.

I too am very excited as I will be one of the 100 artists "revealed" in his book! While my artwork didn't make the cut, many of my written responses to the Q & A section did!!! I don't know which ones will be included...guess I'll just to wait until the book comes out!!

My congrats to Seth for a job well done...and as he does his final editing my thoughts are with him! (Being a former language arts teacher I know how hard editing can be!!!)


alteredbits said...

oooh, this is such exciting news. congratulations, dave! i didn't get the email (have been having HUGE mail issues this past week so will go check spam). and i've been horrible at checking in on blogs so am off to read his post now.

again, HUGE congratulations! this is magnificent news!!

Bill said...

Name dropper! :O) Actually, I may have a few responses in the book, too. Seth, however, obviously needs to expand his appreciation of great art. My art didn't make the cut, either. Well, it made the cut; it was cut "out." Maybe he just has something against people who have retired early. That must be it. We both know how good our art is!

If you read this, Seth, we love you anyway.

Dave said...

@ alicia ~ thank you! do check your emails...I'm sure your work made it in!!

@ bill ~ that's it...the retirement envy syndrome! Shows up all the time...particularly if you retired early like I did!! Oh's still real exciting to have our comments included!!!

Dayna Collins said...

How fabulous that your responses will be included in Seth's upcoming book! An honor, indeed. Can't wait to see all of the art AND responses.

Dave said...

@ Dayna ~ Thanks! I think we all are excited about this!! So much fun!!!

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Very exciting news! Looks like it will be a great book!