July 10, 2011

Winter in July?

Early Freeze, David Hayes, 2010

I know...it's only July 10th....lots more of summer to enjoy. (Although I did see the first "back to school" ad today in my paper!!!) And...I'm not trying to rush things....but given the heat and humidity that seems to have my area in its grips....this treasury provides a cooling reprise!!

My thanks to meydalle for including my print, "Early Freeze" in her newest "cool" treasury!! So...when you come in from the heat of the day...check this treasury out at: Ice, Ice Baby!!!!


Erika Lee Sears said...

:) Congrats on the treasury! the ads always come earlier and earlier.

Hope you are having a terrific weekend!

Bill said...

Your picture does look refreshing right now, but I definitely don't want summer to end for quite a while. This is my first summer off in 26 years.

Dave said...

@Erika ~ Thanks! I suspect the Christmas ads will start appearing soon as well!

@Bill ~ I felt the same way when I retired from teaching. The best part was when mid-August came around...and I knew I didn't have to start getting ready for the new school year!!

Seth said...

You are the treasury king. Great print.

Dave said...

@ Seth ~ Seems that way...guess I have the "tagging" down right! Thanks!!