July 9, 2011

There Be Monsters!

There Be Monsters, David Hayes, 2011

I guess it's two weeks ago now (June 27 - July 1) that I was fortunate enough to spend time with a great group of participants led by two wonderful instructors, Jennifer Reis and Juliette Montague for a week long workshop entitled "Ultimate Assemblage!" This was part of Miami University's (Ohio) Craft Summer.

During this week we learned assemblage construction and embellishing techniques including sewing, bead embellishing, incorporating photographic images, and working with fabrics, paper, and leather. For me this was certainly an "out-of-the-box" experience! While I'm comfortable working with my rivet gun, soldering iron, and drill....having to use needle and thread....way out of my league! I rose to the challenge...and by the end of the week I was threading my needle with the best of them! I even took on beading and won! (However...embroidery won...maybe next time!!!)

"There Be Monsters" was my final piece....it incorporates stitchery, beading, and printing on metal. I didn't think I would get this done...but I did!!!

If you'd like more information about this class, go here. If you'd like to see more pics of what this amazing class accomplished, please go here.

My thanks to Jennifer, Juliette, and all the members of the class for making this a great experience. I'll be back next year!!!


Bill said...

Totally awesome! Steampunk and mermaids - the ultimate perfection!

Dave said...


Seth said...

The class sounds like a fun challenge. And I really like the piece you created. It has the feeling of an ancient map you might uncover on a very old ship. Well done.

Dave said...

@ Seth ~ It was a great experience. I'm glad you like the piece...it started with me wanting to work with steampunk mermaids...then I found the map fabric...then...it just happened! (My best pieces seem to come together that way...I tend to overthink otherwise!!)