July 7, 2011

Mail Art - Just Received


Well actually...I didn't just receive these pieces. I've had them for several weeks...but between my "Ultimate Assemblage" class and trip to Michigan....well...I guess I owe an apology to everyone for not getting these posted sooner!!

First up is this wonder work by Kim...just beautiful, isn't it!

This really great envelope...which held a nice note, came to me from Courtney. So many layers to this work...so cool!!!

Pen Thief

And...this fun card came from Pen Thief. Very nice indeed....

My thanks to all three mail artists for sharing these with me. As I always have said...a day with Mail Art is a great day indeed!!


Bill said...

Yep, a trip to Michigan will really trip you up! :O) Great mail art.

Bold Sparrow Vintage said...

Thanks for the kind words, Dave. It was a lot of fun...I just need to work more on what's INSIDE the envelope!! ;)

VERY impressed and inspired by the other pieces of mail art you have received! Incredible work!!