July 28, 2011

Is it already July 28th?

Michigan, David Hayes, 2011
(Hipstamatic...then Instagram!)

So...what happened?

I got back the first week of this month from my "summer vacation" in Michigan....and here it is...July 28th!! How can that be??

This is almost as bad as when I was teaching and I'd watch each day of my summer break disappear...but at least I knew where each of those days had "gone"....

Okay...so what have I've been doing....

Counting the consecutive days of 90+ heat and humidity...twelve or thirteen by now...

A couple of doctor's appointments...nothing serious...just the annual checkups....

Bought a Nook...Barnes & Noble's ereader...which meant I had to download books for it...they make that part way too easy...now I have 5 or 6 to read...but when?

Reflective, David Hayes, 2011
Submission to CPS - Self Portrait challenge

Working my butt off in my studio trying to get several submissions ready....a reader's challenge for Cloth, Paper, Scissors (that one is done...)... my assemblage/collage submissions for Cloth, Paper, Scissors's Artisan of 2012 competition (these are taking a lot of work...but I'm enjoying doing them! I'll post pics on these soon!!!)....and a small piece for a Stampington & Company  reader's competition (almost done with this one...and I'll post a pic of it as well!)

I've also been trying to keep my Etsy shops up-to-date...and keep track of all the cool art going on there...

Downloading lots of camera apps to my iPhone4...and learning how to use them....to say that I've become compulsive about this would be an understatement!

However...I have also shot a bunch of black & white film using my Nikon 35mm camera, my Holga 120 camera, and a new/vintage camera...a Kodak Duaflex II 620 camera (....can't wait to see how these negs turn out!) Now...to find time to process all this film! Perhaps tomorrow....

What else... I was a featured artist in Seth Apter's blog, The Altered Page. That was pretty exciting!!

Oh...I've also turned this month into the month to join more "social networks"! I'm now on Tumblr, Twitter, and today...Instamatic!! Of course setting up and "feeding" these sites is taking a lot of time!!! Wonderful things going on in all of these...like who has time to sleep!!! Unfortunately I haven't given much time to my Blogger blog...which will change as of tonight!!

In any case...I would love to have you "follow" me on Tumblr...Twitter...Instagram! Here's the links:
                              Tumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/tumblelog/reflectiveimages
                               Twitter @d_twf
                               Instagram: @rimages

And of course...I would "follow" you as well!!!

Now it's time to go read some blogs!!! Have a great Friday...and a greater week-end!!!


Bill said...

I love the opening picture. It says Michigan all the way! I haven't seen the lakes in a long time, though.

Marina said...

And now is even 29th! :) So, what will you eat now when you have to quit with carbs and sugar??

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

I agree that is beautiful! Makes me want to be there. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the magazines. I love both of those publications. I would sign up to follow on your networking sites, but I'm not even on facebook yet! Good luck keeping up with it!!!

Seth said...

I like your submission to CPS. It is a unique self portrait.