July 30, 2011

Buried Treasure

Seth Apter's blog, The Altered Page, is once again featuring a collaborative project that "invites art bloggers to go into the depths of their blogs and dig for buried treasure....this gives us all an opportunity to see highlights from posts we may have missed from so many of our favorite bloggers!"
As part of project I am reposting this post from last December where I reflected on my father's death. While this posting isn't about my work...it is about what influences my work...and that is my life....

It snowed once again this past Wednesday night...five to seven inches when it was all done depending on where you lived. A pretty snow if you didn't have to go out into it...which I didn't and for which I was thankful. Just being able to watch it come down, glistening in the Christmas lights was very peaceful.

My youngest brother had called earlier in the week to tell me that our father had come down with pneumonia. Dad had a major stroke over Thanksgiving week-end so this latest news wasn't very good but at that point we were hopeful. My brother called again early Wednesday evening to let me know that Dad wasn't responding to treatment and that the doctors only gave him a day or two more to live. Later that night, early Thursday morning, he called again to tell that Dad had died quietly in his sleep.

All of my brothers but one...I have five...and I got together on Saturday for the annual Hayes Christmas gathering. The missing brother was to come down from Chicago on Sunday. While there was much sadness in the house, we also knew that my father would want us to enjoy being together so we all made the most of it that afternoon. Dad's services were held this past Monday morning. A short visitation followed by an even shorter graveside service...all in keeping in Dad's wishes. Afterwards we all gathered at the local Perkins for lunch and more remembering.

After my mother died several years ago, the spark seemed to leave him and his health went downhill in a hurry. We all came to realize that he wasn't going to do anything to help himself...so when he had his stroke in November, I think we all knew it wouldn't be long. My father lived a good life and taught his six sons well. He will be much missed.

My thanks to Seth for offering this opportunity to us all. Please visit The Altered Page - Buried Treasure to see all the great repostings that are happening even now!!

July 28, 2011

Is it already July 28th?

Michigan, David Hayes, 2011
(Hipstamatic...then Instagram!)

So...what happened?

I got back the first week of this month from my "summer vacation" in Michigan....and here it is...July 28th!! How can that be??

This is almost as bad as when I was teaching and I'd watch each day of my summer break disappear...but at least I knew where each of those days had "gone"....

Okay...so what have I've been doing....

Counting the consecutive days of 90+ heat and humidity...twelve or thirteen by now...

A couple of doctor's appointments...nothing serious...just the annual checkups....

Bought a Nook...Barnes & Noble's ereader...which meant I had to download books for it...they make that part way too easy...now I have 5 or 6 to read...but when?

Reflective, David Hayes, 2011
Submission to CPS - Self Portrait challenge

Working my butt off in my studio trying to get several submissions ready....a reader's challenge for Cloth, Paper, Scissors (that one is done...)... my assemblage/collage submissions for Cloth, Paper, Scissors's Artisan of 2012 competition (these are taking a lot of work...but I'm enjoying doing them! I'll post pics on these soon!!!)....and a small piece for a Stampington & Company  reader's competition (almost done with this one...and I'll post a pic of it as well!)

I've also been trying to keep my Etsy shops up-to-date...and keep track of all the cool art going on there...

Downloading lots of camera apps to my iPhone4...and learning how to use them....to say that I've become compulsive about this would be an understatement!

However...I have also shot a bunch of black & white film using my Nikon 35mm camera, my Holga 120 camera, and a new/vintage camera...a Kodak Duaflex II 620 camera (....can't wait to see how these negs turn out!) Now...to find time to process all this film! Perhaps tomorrow....

What else... I was a featured artist in Seth Apter's blog, The Altered Page. That was pretty exciting!!

Oh...I've also turned this month into the month to join more "social networks"! I'm now on Tumblr, Twitter, and today...Instamatic!! Of course setting up and "feeding" these sites is taking a lot of time!!! Wonderful things going on in all of these...like who has time to sleep!!! Unfortunately I haven't given much time to my Blogger blog...which will change as of tonight!!

In any case...I would love to have you "follow" me on Tumblr...Twitter...Instagram! Here's the links:
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                               Instagram: @rimages

And of course...I would "follow" you as well!!!

Now it's time to go read some blogs!!! Have a great Friday...and a greater week-end!!!

July 17, 2011

The Pulse

Seth Apter produces a fantastic blog, The Altered Page. In his blog, Seth not only focuses on his art, but the art of many others. I have found this to be a great place to find out what's going on in the world of art and the artists in that world.

A regular part of his blog are editions of The Pulse -- The State of the Art which is a survey in words and pictures of the online artist community. It is now in it's fifth edition, The Pulse is a collaborative project that introduces the reader to both new artists and those already established. Reading these editions gives insight into the creative processes and minds of these very talented people. In this current edition, more than 130 artists answered a series of prompts presented to them my Seth. Their responses, which have been running for several weeks now, are posted every Sunday.

The first installment of this edition is entitled the Style File which examines how each of these 130 artists view their technique. I am very excited that today, I am one of those artists to be featured in this edition! Click here to read today's installment which not includes my collage and statement but those of other incredible artists!!

My thanks to Seth for his continuing support and encouragement. This means so much to me...as well as to the all the other artists he has spotlighted over the years!!

July 13, 2011

Greetings from Ireland!!

No...I'm not in Ireland...although I wouldn't mind if I was! Actually it's my youngest daughter, Melissa, who is there with her Ohio University group taking a film writing course. She's there for a least three more weeks...having left the end of June.

When she asked me what I wanted her to bring back from Ireland, I told her all I wanted was a picture of her having a pint of Guinness at a "real" Irish pub. Now...you have to understand that Melissa, who is of legal drinking age, doesn't...drink...anything alcoholic...much less beer! But...one doesn't go to Ireland and NOT have a pint of Guinness....just wouldn't be right! So...I told her she had to go to a pub, with her friends, and at least have one ladies pint...and send me a picture...

This post card arrived a couple of days ago...and she has posted a picture on her FB page that appears to show her drinking from a pint....but we all know how to use Photoshop...so I'm still a tad bit suspicious!!
In any case, she is having the time of her life...and will come back with some great memories!!!

July 12, 2011

July 11, 2011

City Flea - July Edition

This past Saturday, my wife and I made our way downtown Cincinnati for the July edition of the City Flea! It was a perfect morning...lots of sun, a bit of a breeze, not too hot....lots of interesting people to watch...all those beautiful women in their pretty little sundresses....hmmm.

There were many of the vendors that we met during the June session...as well as some new ones...which kept things all the more interesting! Here's some more pictures from that morning....

I couldn't pass this one up...bought it first thing!!! So kitschy that's it's beautiful!!

Can't pass up a mermaid...bought this one as well....

We're already planning to return in August....maybe then I'll focus on taking pics of all those sundresses!! (And for those who care...and you know who you are...the only Hipstamatic pics are those in the top grid...the rest are from my Nikon D90!)

July 10, 2011

Winter in July?

Early Freeze, David Hayes, 2010

I know...it's only July 10th....lots more of summer to enjoy. (Although I did see the first "back to school" ad today in my paper!!!) And...I'm not trying to rush things....but given the heat and humidity that seems to have my area in its grips....this treasury provides a cooling reprise!!

My thanks to meydalle for including my print, "Early Freeze" in her newest "cool" treasury!! So...when you come in from the heat of the day...check this treasury out at: Ice, Ice Baby!!!!

July 9, 2011

There Be Monsters!

There Be Monsters, David Hayes, 2011

I guess it's two weeks ago now (June 27 - July 1) that I was fortunate enough to spend time with a great group of participants led by two wonderful instructors, Jennifer Reis and Juliette Montague for a week long workshop entitled "Ultimate Assemblage!" This was part of Miami University's (Ohio) Craft Summer.

During this week we learned assemblage construction and embellishing techniques including sewing, bead embellishing, incorporating photographic images, and working with fabrics, paper, and leather. For me this was certainly an "out-of-the-box" experience! While I'm comfortable working with my rivet gun, soldering iron, and drill....having to use needle and thread....way out of my league! I rose to the challenge...and by the end of the week I was threading my needle with the best of them! I even took on beading and won! (However...embroidery won...maybe next time!!!)

"There Be Monsters" was my final piece....it incorporates stitchery, beading, and printing on metal. I didn't think I would get this done...but I did!!!

If you'd like more information about this class, go here. If you'd like to see more pics of what this amazing class accomplished, please go here.

My thanks to Jennifer, Juliette, and all the members of the class for making this a great experience. I'll be back next year!!!

July 8, 2011

Lay lady, lay, lay me black and white by Katrin00

Egg, David Hayes, 2011

My thanks to Katrin00 for including my photo, Egg, in her sexy cool treasury, Lay-lady-lay-lay-me-black-and-white. There are 16 of the most sexy yet beautiful studies of the female form included in this collection...it's well worth your time to take a look!

July 7, 2011

Mail Art - Just Received


Well actually...I didn't just receive these pieces. I've had them for several weeks...but between my "Ultimate Assemblage" class and trip to Michigan....well...I guess I owe an apology to everyone for not getting these posted sooner!!

First up is this wonder work by Kim...just beautiful, isn't it!

This really great envelope...which held a nice note, came to me from Courtney. So many layers to this work...so cool!!!

Pen Thief

And...this fun card came from Pen Thief. Very nice indeed....

My thanks to all three mail artists for sharing these with me. As I always have said...a day with Mail Art is a great day indeed!!

July 3, 2011

Torch Lake, Michigan

Sunset, David Hayes, 2011

Happy 4th of July everyone! My wife and I are spending this long weekend at her sister's home on Torch Lake in Michigan. This is the sunset that greeted us yesterday evening when we arrived! 

Today was absolutely gorgeous! Clear skies, cool breezes...perfect day. We went out on their powerboat for a tour of the lake this afternoon...what a way to spend the day!

I've been away from my blog lately...spent last week at a workshop making "Ultimate Assemblages" with a great group of participants and instructors. I hope to have a posting up about this real soon. But for now...I'm just taking in the sights and sounds of Torch Lake as I write this posting sitting on their porch...