June 20, 2011

Way Too Much Fun!

"Reflected", David Hayes, 2011

This past spring I switched my then current cell phone for an iphone4...and to say that I've been having way too much fun with it's camera and the camera apps out there would be an understatement!! I had heard a lot of positive things about the iphone's camera and was seeing more and more about the apps...as well as the pictures taken with these....that I decided to get the iphone4 sooner vs. later.

As of late I've been playing around with the Hipstamatic  app and it's "newest" in-camera app, the Retro Pak which gives the user a "Salvador 84" lens, "Dream Canvas" film as well as another lens that I haven't tried yet...I really like the Salvador 84 lens! The picture above, "Reflected" was taken with this app as were these next two pics:

"Friday Night", David Hayes, 2011

"My World", David Hayes, 2011

I'm impressed with how this app mix takes ordinary scenes and changes the perspectives of what is seen. You never know what you'll get...so each of these are a delightful surprise!

"Self-Portrait #2", David Hayes, 2011

This next pic, "Self Portrait #2" was one that I played around with using several of the camera apps that I have. I first started with Incredibooth that mimics an old portrait booth and took 4 shots of myself in various head poses. I used the Photoshop app to clean this up a bit, then the ColorSplash app to focus the color just on my head, leaving the background black and white. Then...I used Pic Grunger to "grunge" it up with "bleach spills" and a wrinkled paper background. Saving all of this, I then sent it to my printer, which did it's own cropping...so instead of getting all four frames, I was left with the center two frames...cropped in half! Since this final image only existed in print form, I had to scan it to get a digital image of it. Talk about going through a number of generations!! But...creating all of this in-camera....before sending it to the printer and then scanning...only took me about 10 minutes!  Too much fun!!!

Of course, I've featured all of these pics in my Flickr site and on my Etsy shop...as well as my Tumblr site. Two books that I have found very useful and would highly recommend are: Create Great iPhone Photos by Allan Hoffman and iPhone Obsessed by Dan Marcolina. You can get both of these books at Amazon.

I have been a photographer since the 70's...learning the mysteries of black and white film and paper development in the darkroom. I own many cameras...film and digital...have a darkroom...use CS4 alot...but I have to tell you, this iphone4 camera and apps are certainly changing how I go about creating photographs!!


amyd said...

ok - you are a little obsessed...but the results are great...you are not the only one - check out faded prairie blog (http://fadedprairie.blogspot.com I think?) she is also obsessing about histamatic. so come august we need to get new phones at my house...I didn't think I needed an iphone but maybe I do...

jen said...

i used to be into photography a little. i did alright. but then i stopped lugging my heavy camera, and replaced it with an elph 'fit-it-in-my-pocket' variety. nice for vacations, but that's about it. then forgot how to use a 'real' camera upon our breakdown into digital. and the digital is still just 'great for vacations' for me...nothing more. now i have a friend totally into it, plus you...i'm getting the itch again!
these are great photos, and i swear everytime i turn around someone else is raving about the iphone (specifically the hipstamatic) apps!
have fun...can't wait to see what's next!

Bill said...

Very cool! I would like the new iPad with the built-in cameras so I can use those cool apps wherever I go.

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Dave, these are incredible! What a great artist tool for you!!! Love,love, love these!!!!

Dave said...

@ amyd ~ Ok...so maybe I am...a little obsessed! But it is so much fun! And yes you do need an iphone! So much potential with this!!! I checked out faded prairie...a great blog...became a follower!

@ jen ~ so pick up your camera and do it! Don't think of digital as not a real camera..it is..just uses pixels instead of film and silver...nothing else changes...actually makes it easier in many ways

@ Bill ~ me too! I'm going to put it on my Christmas list..but I'm afraid I'll have to be extra, extra, extra good!

@ Kim ~ Thanks!! Isn't it fun how learning a new technique or "tool" just opens up the creativity! That's why I'm always looking for something new to try out...I'm may never "master" anything but I'm having fun learning!!

~BB~ said...

jealous of your Iphone! "My World" is my favorite. Beautiful pictures. {And thank you for the Mail Art! I'm blogging about it right now!}