May 20, 2011

Friday Double-Header!

Ohio, David Hayes, 2011

Today is a good day for my Etsy shops! Checking them this morning, I found that two of my listings had been featured in two different treasuries!! A true double-header!!!

First photo "Ohio" was included in a great collection put together by KatMariee. My thanks to her for this! You can check out this treasury out at:

Pose #1, David Hayes, 2011

The second treasury was put together by grimmlynn and is called "Beauty & Grace Through the Eyes of  a Goddess". My thanks to her for including my watercolor painting, "Pose #1" in this beautiful collection! You can check this one out at:


Bill said...

Oh dear. My wife better not catch me looking at this page! She'd never believe I was only looking at the license plate.

Dave said...

@ Bill ~ And why wouldn't you be looking at the license plate? I can't image what else you might be looking at?! (Oh...there is that picture of my painting....just tell her you were just reading the articles...)