May 19, 2011


Egg, David Hayes, 2011

It's been cold and wet in my neck of the woods as of late...perfect time to go through old pic files and negatives...looking for hidden treasures. I found this image in some black and white negs that I shot back in the 70's. (I'm sure I printed this then...but for some reason I don't have it!) Looking at the neg and it's contact print, I wouldn't say that this shot is a winner right off the bat. Sure, the pose is a classic...but the overall exposure of the neg leaves much to be desired.

Well...there's nothing like using Photoshop to help rescue an image! A little cropping here, playing with the levels there, and a few more tricks everywhere...and "Egg" appears! What was once a so-so image has become, in my mind, a very elegant statement on the female form. I'm sorry that I didn't "find" this image sooner!

Just in case you're interested, this image is available in my Etsy shop, Reflective Images at:


~BB~ said...

how beautiful! It is elegant in many ways - great job!

jen said...

very nice!! i'm a sucker for a good b&w.

Dave said...

Thanks BB and Jen! I'm very pleased on how this turned out!

Dayna Collins said...

So simple and graceful. Nothing like the female form. (PS - I have you down on a short list of people to invite to do an altered board book round robin, probably in the fall.)

Dave said...

@ Dayna ~ thank...I couldn't agree more! I'm excited about doing an altered board book...let me know when!!!