May 25, 2011

Citris in A Pail

Citris In A Pail, Kimberly Vanlandingham, 2010 (oil, 4x6)

Life can bring one some fun surprises sometimes...which is always the case with mail art. Last week, I received a piece that I found to be particularly wonderful. I also learned something that I didn't know about an artist whose work I admire.

This piece came from Kim, who is a member of a small circle of mail artists that I belong to and with whom I've exchanged a number of pieces. Now I have known her as Kimberly McLaughlin and her blog, happy little trees studio. So I was a little confused when I saw that this work was by Kimberly Vanlandingham of Kimberly Vanlandingham Originals! Fortunately, Kim had enclosed a note explain that this where she shows her works on her blog of this name and ebay. Makes perfect sense now!

Checking out her "other" blog, I was truly amazed at the quality of work exhibited there. If you have not visited this blog before, you owe it to yourself to do so! Check it out at: Kimblerly Vanlandingham Originals

Kim, thank you again for this wonderful painting!!!

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Bill said...

Better citrus in a pail than citrus in your eye! (Yes, totally stupid, but my brain couldn't come up with anything profound.)