April 26, 2011

How My Garden Grows

How My Garden Grows, David Hayes, 2011

I think it was back in December that "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" magazine offered a Reader's Challenge to create a piece using a flower stencil that they provided in the challenge. Always one to give something new a try, I created this collage. Some of the flowers were made from aluminum cans that I tinted while the other flowers are watercolor paper or music papers. I glued these all down on a prepped background making my "garden".

I submitted this to "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" and was pleased to learn that it was one of the finalists in the challenge! That was two months ago. Today I received the May/June issue featuring the "Stencil Gardens" winners. Unfortunately I wasn't one of them....nuts!! In any case, looking at those that were chosen, I realized the competition was tough...as they are very good! At least I know I was in good company as a finalist.

So...I thought I'd share this piece with you all. It was fun creating...and I'll keep my fingers crossed for future challenges!!!


Happy Little Trees Studio said...

I think it's wonderful! Too bad they didn't use it!

Dave said...

Thanks Kim! I thought so as well...but I'm a bit biased... If you get a chance to look at the May/June issue check out those that did make it. There is some fabulous art featured!!

Erika Lee Sears said...

woohoo congrats Dave :) one of my favorite magazines.

Dave said...

Thanks Erika! I always look forward to getting CPS...and doing their challenges...keeps me from getting "stale".