April 9, 2011


My wife and I were having dinner at our favorite pizza place about a month ago and while there I started to study one of those "vintage posters" that restaurants like to decorate their walls. I don't remember the details except that it was food oriented (naturally!) and some interesting interplays between the graphics and the background. Lots and lots of layers...which I just love. I was inspired!

For some reason bananas came to mind as I started playing around with ideas...so off I went! Using a 12x12 inch canvas board I created the yellow "layer" using acrylics and glazes...then the black layer. The bananas are from a clip art file that I printed on high-resolution inkjet paper then glued to the surface. The bananas text is a "decal" I created using acrylic mediums on a transfer sheet that I then ran through my printer. The "eat more" text decal didn't work as well...so I used more of the high-res paper. Once everything was dry, I used several more glazes to give it that "vintage" look. Unfortunately, the photo doesn't show the nuisances well. All in all, this little collage was fun to make...and seems to be drawing attention to itself! It was featured in an Etsy treasury yesterday....and it's now also featured in a new treasury! Wow!!!

 My thanks to EternitySquare01 for including "Bananas" in their newest treasury! If you're a Dr. Who fan you need to check this one out! You can do that at: 


jen said...

i DO like Dr. Who, but am not familiar enough to know the significance of the bananas. Cool print, though!! :)

Frances via il*mostro said...

Oh how cool!! when first seeing this i thought it was the poster you saw at the restaurant.. no surprise to see it in treasuries, its great!! :)

Dave said...

@ jen ~ you know...I'm not sure either! I'm glad I'm not the only one!! I stopped watching the Dr. awhile ago so I know there's lots that I need to catch up on! Thanks for the compliment on the collage!

@ Frances ~ wow! I didn't think it was that good! Thanks!!!

Felicity said...

I love this! I've been doing some fruit art too lately- great minds! ; )

Dave said...

@ Felicity ~ I think we all are! I just received this great little watercolor from Kim of an apple!!