March 9, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

You know...all the cold, rainy weather we've been having in my area is really getting to me! And there seems to be no end in sight....rain, snow showers, and outright snow are all in the forecast through the weekend. Yuck!

So I went looking for something to cheer me up  today...without having to go outside. I worked on a couple of paintings hoping that would do it...which it did...a little. I visited all the blogs I followed...and realized that it had been awhile since I had done this. Oops! Looks like I missed some great postings...fortunately they were still there, waiting for me. Good stuff everyone! Great ideas, great postings, great art work. Reading all of this helped....

This also helped...a Facebook posting by my friend Chelsea C., a recent grad of DAAP, who's looking for her big break. Recently she received a commission to design artwork for Macy's Music Festival that takes place every summer in Cincinnati. I was fortunate to see her earlier sketches so it was very exciting to read her posting and find out that they are using her work as the banner art for the festival's website! Isn't this great stuff! A big congrats to Chelsea!!!

You can see more of this at:

So...I don't feel quite so glumpy...still a little....maybe chocolate will help!


The Pen Thief said...

Hi Dave! I got your wonderful envelope today. I loved the stamps and papers. I cannot wait to use them to make some great art!! I am also glad to see that the weather is getting to someone else too! I am so tired of all the rain! Stay dry!

jen said...

I was just looking out today thinking how wonderful it is to have a break in the COLD...i can deal with the gloom (matches my mood these days) but i am so over the cold (which i don't often say, being a Michigan native). we're getting rain the next couple days, but always have an april fool's day snowstorm to look forward to.
That is GREAT about your friend!! Macy's...that ain't no joke! good for her. and festivals are always great exposure!
Thanks for the great 'envelope of possibilities'! it's just the distraction i will need!! :)

Dave said...

@ Misty and Jen ~ you're welcome...enjoy the "envelopes of possibilities" (I like that title...) I had fun putting them together...can't wait to see what everyone does with them!