March 25, 2011

Coming Back At Me!

A little while ago I sent out "destash" packets of ephemera to members of my mail art circle with the missive that they had to "do something" with the materials in the anything...but I didn't want it least not in its original state.... is starting to come back to me....but in very wonderful and creative ways! Here's two that have come back so far....

Misty not only used some of the materials in the packet to adorn the envelope...she also made this really cool ATC....Very nice indeed!!


Jen also used the materials I sent her on the front and back of this card...but she also used a piece commemorating her adventures with a pinhole camera! (I'm sure you can guess which element this is!!

As I've said before...really wonderful stuff coming through the mails! Thank you Misty and Jen for these very fine pieces!!

It's Friday night...I hope everyone has wonderful plans for not only tonight but for the entire weekend!!


jen said...

I'm glad you enjoyed what you got back. It's fun to see how the mind puts things together! Thanks for the bits to get those wheels rolling! :)

Erika Lee Sears said...

Jen is so amazing! I just love art mail!

Dave said...

I am really enjoying all the mail art that's come my way! Jen - sending out that packet was so much fun...I may have to do another one sometime soon! Erika - I agree...isn't her work great!