March 15, 2011

"Bumped" (Or...It Fell Off!!!)

Back in January, I wrote about putting two plaster sculptures my daughter, Cary had made out into our back garden bed to "decompose". ("Bumped") I also stated that I would occasionally post on the progress of this decomposition....

Well....I haven't done this...sort of forgot about doing this 'cause they really didn't look like they were doing much of anything. Boy...was I wrong!!

Taking advantage of a warm Saturday afternoon, I went out to doing a little cleaning up and moving around in the garden. It was then that I noticed that the forms were developing some nice cracks...and....on one of them....I saw that IT had fallen off....just lying there in the mud!

Talk about decomposition!! And from the looks of things...the other might be on it's way as well!!

I moved the forms to a new position, propped them up a bit...and will now keep a closer eye on how they're doing...the spring rains are setting in...all sort of things might just fall off!!!


Marina said...

Lets see what will happen.. :)

Dave said...

Indeed! My camera is at hand to catch the next moment...stay tuned!!