February 24, 2011

A Rainy Thursday

A gray and gloomy day...the mail seemed to be uninspiring...then I found it! Something from Misty! What fun!!! This pic shows the front and back of her collaged card...cool stuff!!

And this pic shows the card unfolded....

On the inside/backside of the card Misty even took the time to write a nice note. Now this is what mail should be like...I do love mail art! Thank you for brightening my day, Misty!!!

The rain just keeps on coming! This past summer and fall we were in an "official" drought...now we are getting too much rain!! More tonight and then over the weekend...several inches possible and with some snow! possible in the morning. Oh well...a good day to work on my paintings and a couple of new projects that I have in mind! Stay warm and dry everyone!!!

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